with some sort of predictability, i get touched by a distant anxiousness that rises and bubbles until, with the inevitable passage of time, it manifests itself as a bilious dyspepsia that causes me numerous palpitations and a general feeling of physical uneasiness. it happens as words and pictures and anecdotes pile upon one another so carelessly that, in their self-involved, wonderfully oblivious way, they manage to form the foci of profound events in the imaginary life i would like to lead.

this happens every so often, after an in-law climbs mt. everest and dines with sherpas, after a sister's friend single-handedly saves an indonesian village from illogically carnivorous gerbils (said village is now named after said friend), and after i manage to drop my toothbrush in the toilet, left with a measly digit to scrape and scrub my maw.

it is while manually retrieving (tried: flushing, baiting, hooking) aforementioned toothbrush from its infamously unhygienic reflecting pool that i realize i would rather not be elbow deep in toilet water for the lottery of the remainder of my years there is to be. rather, i would most undoubtedly be desiring to rescue a small bolivian town from a plague of bole weevils, while aiding the president (post 2008; this, after all, occurs in the future) in his quest to transplant mt. rushmore onto the moon, an admittedly larger canvas.

and, although rants and mental meanderings such as these really provide no solace or catharsis, they at least allow me to punctuate what would otherwise be a rather moribund habitation of this planet with the musings of the happenings of a life i may one day lead. Now, after that toothbrush once more.....


what the fuck?!

Greetings, dirtling, originally uploaded by valleywagprime.

yup, i'm a dirtling.
but i'm not from san fran.

my pic popped up on valleywag.com the other day after my arrival from Virgin America flight VX001; the very first flight flown by the airline.

this is my arrival in the blogosphere. mark it. learn it. forget it just as quickly.

"the dirty hippie"