an experiment

on a whim, i wanted to see if i could 'gauge' the emotional state of things using two ridiculously simple words and comparing their search volume.
it all started when i realized that a lot of people i know put their facebook status as "blah" from time to time.

sure enough, if you search "blah" on facebook/lexicon... there it is.
and it is slowly declining in recurrence over time.

then i thought i'd use big brother google to see what happens.
and this time i pitted "blah" vs "yay".
check it out:

admittedly, it's not an exact barometer. there are some random, unapplicable uses.

nonetheless, there is a trend (which makes me think there's some validity to it.
and, it looks like the yays have it.

the world may be becoming a better place after all.