i believe the judges won't accept that answer

quietly saying "oh fuck" to yourself on national tv. perfection.

once a year. period.

the truth

peep homie with one leg.


girl is puttin it down

does she have down's syndrome or something?

http://view.break.com/457808 - Watch more free videos



just wonder what might happen if someone asked him to rhyme with "orange"...

old folks

ghostride the whip!

yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh grandma.

golf = sex

um, yeah. you just gotta watch it.

i hate that this is an ad

but it appeals so perfectly to my scat-humor


close that thing

the governator's losing steam

drop it like it's hot

halkdf;lnblheiuw;nag brlurrrrrp gglurmshalnasghlnewol;knv ich.

and the oscar goes to

or maybe this guy?

mutherfucking hall and mutherfucking oats.

get some!

why can't this happen to me

seriously, watch this.
and then listen to everyone's names.

you got guys like "Gabaldon" - pronounced Gah Bahl Dohn
(there's definitely a pun in here some where)

and "Knuckles" - pronounced "Knuckles"

great stuff.

punch it. punch it real good.

you think if they don't have balls it still hurts?
after a while it's got to, right?


worst video ever

just watch it.

you won't thank me.

again thanks 'anonymous'

best video ever

just watch it.
you'll thank me.


straight awesome, no chaser

lo di dah blah di da licky dicky tick tick rrrrickity tick tickticktick

just go here

and watch the fucking intro clip.

fight for kisses

i don't know what to say.

gonna kick the HUCK out of you

game on, bitches.

go huck yourself

too bad the soundtrack sucks

macs even make dirty dirty sex look clean.



fat people ARE fast... when they only have to use their finger.

the national football league is proud to present...

...a giant penis

and in case this isn't enough, just take a look at the first 30 or seconds of this clip:

gotta love it.

blind = gay

who knew?

(thanks for the tip, 'anonymous' -- p.s. failblog is awesome! you seen shipment of fail?)


poop on me

this is a concept of an idea of a thought of a paradigm.

how i do

other than work all weekend, i spent the rest of my time on the street corner doing this to earn some extra cash.


simply the best

happy friday folks.

darwin awards, stripper style

it gets great at about 1 min into the clip.
damn, guhl. careful what you workin wit.

kinda cool