The Name

i guess i have to address the title of this blog before i begin to do anything else.

this isn't a comment meant to suggest, or rather proclaim, my financial state. nor is it an attempt to reference some wonderous upbringing filled with nannies, various hampton residences, 'summering,' and the countless number of totalled mercedes i have discarded while living this theoretical 'overpriviledged' life.

however, this isn't to say i'm not without priviledge. and this is where it becomes important to make a distinction. THE distinction, in fact. the fountainhead of this highlighted advantage isn't derived from money or breeding. it is a symptom from which many people suffer. simply put: we have a lot on our minds and we wind up having more time than expected to ruminate on said thoughts. or maybe it's better expressed the other way around: we have a lot more time on our hands than we tend to think...and that leads us to think about some really weird stuff.

it's a 'chicken and egg' kind of debate. but i'd rather just eat the omelette.

and, so, this is where overpriviledged comes in. it's a sounding board for all those interesting thoughts that find their way into my head during the moments that i don't even realize i'm thinking about something until all of the sudden, "Aha!"

so, bear with me as i begin to flesh this out. it could end up being kind of fun.

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