Deep Thoughts

there is a rhythm to things.

i can't quite figure out the beat, but i know that there is a rhythm. which is to say, that, inevitably, particular events or occurrences or thoughts strike me with a frequency i can't predict. there is a surety to these happenings, but it only evinces itself once the moment is upon me. and so, there seems to be some certainty, but only with hindsight.

Hesse called these times "moments of clarity."
Nietzsche called this dynamic the "eternal recurrence."

for the latter, the fate of man hinged upon breaking the cycle. the problem is that the rhythm becomes oppressive and renders its victims apathetic to its regularity. moreover, the issue isn't just the regularity, it's the entrenchment. only when you try to make that first step do you realize how deeply embedded in this rhythm you've become.

wittgenstein might refer to this paradigm as a symptom of "shared meaning;" to break from it demands a deconstruction of all previous conventions. but, now the problem becomes the fact that no one can understand you.

this then begs the question: if left all alone with meanings only you understand and conventions by which only you can operate, will a rhythm--some new kind of rhythm--find its way into your life once more? is this just a different expression of the eternal recurrence?

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