Human Assist

this really happened

some guy: "oh, and we have this great feature called 'human assist.'"
me: "okay?"
some guy: "yeah, we get real people do some of the work and act as filters."

it's like a we're living in the prelude to a movie, and it's called the terminator. with the utterance of that single term, 'human assist,' pictures of anthropomorphic cyborgs

and human batteries

quickly flashed through my mind. it wasn't a hard leap to envision the apocolypse unfolding right after this guy finished talking to me.

it's just that if we accept something like 'human assist' then we've suddenly begun subjugating ourselves to something else, constantly deferring to whatever we're 'assisting.' what's even more bothersome is how casually this concept is passed off and how readily this man accepted it as the next best thing since sliced bread. that sort of complacencey is dangerous.

it also mindlessly demeans everything we do. now, we don't actually do anything, we just assist. shit, i can hook a light bulb up to a hamster wheel and let a gerbil 'assist' me. do we really want to start thinking of ourselves as rodents? it's a slippery slope, i know. but this guy is committing us to a very scary first step.

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