2 + 1 + 2 Things You Don't Know About Me

got a tag from Jack Cheng to participate in a nice little project: five things you don't know about me. here comes the weirdness...

1. i'm incredibly OCD. i'm obsessed with the number thirteen. i view it as an auspicious sign when i look at a digital clock and it reads X hour and 13 minutes. if i want something good to happen, i will ask myself if it is going to happen and then look at the clock. if it is at the 13th minute, i will then count to thirteen in my head; and, if the minute doesn't change then i'm somewhat more hopeful of the prospect of this wish being fulfilled. likewise, i won't turn off the shower until i count backwards from 10 to -3.

2. conversely, i hate the number 14. i believe it to be the unluckiest of all numbers. if, when going through the above exercise of asking for a wish to fulfilled, i see the 14th minute on the clock, i'm pretty much certain that whatever it is i hoped for is now marked for death.

3. i love legos. i still build them with my nephews whenever i visit them. when i was little, i built an entire lego world based around the then magical monorail. it filled my whole room, and regular sized adults would have to sort of bob and weave to make their way through it.

4. i speak french

5. i have a 125mph serve. (i used to play a lot of tennis)

sadly, i know not who else to tag as all of my blogosphere contacts have been used up between my friends Jack and Ryan. they would've been Concha, Piers, Bryan, and then Ryan and Jack.

alas, i know no other bloggers. maybe i'll try aziz. he doesn't know me, but i bet his list would be interesting.

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