just got done with a long walk across the williamsburg bridge. it was late, and i passed it on my way to the subway. i figured, "fuck it. let's go for a walk." and walk i did.

and that's when i began to see the craziness.

things observed on the walk:
1. man wandering around in a t-shirt, black tube socks, and bvd's. nothing else.
2. man on bike completely wipe out on a perfectly clean and pristine stretch of pavement.

after taking in both of these random but amazing events, it finally struck me that this might not be coincidence. it's possible that this day isn't in fact touched. and that it doesn't have some weird karmic tint to it in which these happenings occur out of some cosmic destiny.

no. not at all.

every random thing or crazy event that i see could very well just be a product of probability.

it basically boils down to this: the fact is, that with so many people living in such a small area, the probability of the improbable increases. and upon that, the probability of seeing more than one improbable occurrence rises as well. as a result, it shouldn't be surprising that i see a man walking around with no pants.

no. not at all.

it was just a matter of time.

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